I seek to tell vulnerable stories: wrestling with faith; struggles with parenthood; balancing life; facing anxiety, fear and depression. I seek to capture vulnerable and adrift states, rather than “mountain-top experiences”.

I am intrigued by stories: fragments, beginnings...thoughts.  Inspired by found photographs infused with hidden history, I begin the task of creating/reliving a story.  The photographs serve as impetuses toward storytelling or invention, as I may recall a specific instance, or be driven to create a new one based on a combination of photographs. 

While tracing photographs, painting and drawing suggest the necessity to remember and narrate things immediately, the hand embroidery demands that such stories become solidified through the slow, solitary process of stitching.  While embroidering, I am able to reflect upon the narrative…to let it engrain in me through the experience.  

I tell these stories as a way of processing and understanding...as a platform to address common events, shared woes and mutual hope.